Mario Kart Tour

Nintendo's decision to create a Mario Kart title for mobile devices appears to have paid off – with Sensor Tower Store Intelligence Data revealing Mario Kart Tour was downloaded a whopping 90 million times in its first week.

This officially makes it Nintendo's fastest mobile game launch to date. It has overlapped every existing Nintendo mobile release a few times over. As can be seen below, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is the second closest (generating 14.3 million downloads), but it's still nowhere near the free-to-play kart racing game.

Mario Kart Tour Sensor Tower Chart
Image: Sensor Tower

As for player spending in the first week, Mario Kart Tour has finished in third place, making a total of $12.7 million. This puts it behind Super Mario Run on $16.1 million and Fire Emblem Heroes remains in first, banking $28.2 million.

Android is the most dominant platform in terms of Mario Kart Tour downloads – with 53.5 million installs so far. On iOS, the game has generated 36.5 million downloads. As for player spending, the results are flipped – with Apple device users spending $9.6 million on the game (75.5%) and Google Play users spending $3.1 million (24.5%).

The United States has downloaded the game the most – making up 14.7% of installs and has also spent the most on the game ($5.8 million, 45.5% in total). Japan was in second place in terms of in-game transactions, spending a total of $4 million (31.3%).

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