Image Credit: Dya Pardo for The Washington Post
Image: The Washington Post

A video game fan named Eric Naierman, who also happens to be a dentist, recently forked out $US1.02 million for a bunch of first-edition sticker-sealed video games. While he's not the first person to do something like this, it's a reminder of the inflating retro market prices.

So, what do you get for parting with this amount of money? Around 40 factory-sealed Nintendo games, which were carefully assembled by three Denver-based collectors over a combined 52 years. A number of the games in this transaction are believed to be the only copies in existence.

These first-editions included titles like the Mario Bros. arcade classics series, Golf, Balloon Fight, and Gumshoe. Experts said the sale price and amount of games exchanged was a "watershed moment" for the hobby (video game collection).

The director at Heritage Auctions explained how it was a "classic case" of supply and demand:

Demand is increasing. More people are becoming interested, and these games are not easy to find in this condition. That’s what’s driving the market growth at this point. And people get competitive.

Naierman originally decided to start collecting games when baseball trading card prices got the better of him. He now owns one of the greatest retro video game collections of all-time.

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