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Release Date


  • US 20th Jun 1986
  • EU 1st Sep 1986

Wii (Wii Shop)

  • US 19th Nov 2006, 500 points
  • EU 8th Dec 2006, 500 points
  • JP 12th Dec 2006, 500 points

3DS (3DS eShop)

  • JP 8th May 2013, ¥500

Wii U (Wii U eShop)

  • JP 29th May 2013, ¥500

Wii U eShop

  • EU 20th Jun 2013, £3.49
  • US 20th Jun 2013, $4.99

3DS eShop

  • EU 10th Jan 2014, £4.49
  • US 30th Jan 2014, $4.99

Nintendo Switch Online (Subscription)

  • Available Now
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About The Game

Plumbers Mario and Luigi must dispose of all the critters coming out of pipes in the action-packed arcade game that initiated the most popular video game franchise of all time. Two players can cooperate and compete in one of the first multiplayer hits of Nintendo.

As its title suggests, Mario Bros. marks the first appearance of Mario's brother Luigi when two players compete together. The game also introduces several staples of the franchise. Mario is now a plumber (instead of a carpenter in Donkey Kong), faces turtle-like enemies and can collect coins in bonus stages. However be careful, it is not yet possible to directly jump on enemies like in further episodes. Find a way to make them inoffensive beforehand.