Game Boy Color
Image: Nintendo Life

Nintendo's Game Boy Color was first released in Japan 21 years ago today on 21st October 1998.

A successor to the original beast that was the Game Boy, the Game Boy Color unsurprisingly featured a colour screen, giving Nintendo's handheld games a whole new lease of life. While we sadly don't have exact figures for each of the two consoles separately, the Game Boy and Game Boy Color sold a whopping 118.69 million units between them, with 501.11 million games being sold, too.

The total puts it ahead of the original PlayStation and even the Wii in terms of sales, with only the Nintendo DS and PlayStation 2 selling more units overall. Tetris DX, Wario Land II, and a rerelease of Pocket Bomberman all arrived as launch titles for the Color, but its backwards compatibility made it a particularly tempting machine for those wanting their first gaming handheld. Some original Game Boy games - such as Pokémon Red and Blue and Super Mario Land - even had special colour palettes when used with the new console.

The Game Boy Color was eventually discontinued in 2003, with the Game Boy Advance and the Game Boy Advance SP becoming Nintendo's shiny new handheld toy. As for the best-selling game for the system? That would - of course - be Pokémon Gold and Silver.

Gold Silver

Did you have a Game Boy Color? Do you have any fond memories of the system and its games? Feel free to share them with us below.