Pokemon GO

Pokémon GO never really has what you'd call a 'bad month', but things are looking even better than usual for Niantic and its world-dominating augmented reality game right now.

According to data compiled by SuperData, the monster-catching app generated a mindboggling $176 million in August, which incidentally means the game has just had its strongest month since 2016 when it first launched to crazy levels of hype. SuperData says that the "outperformance was partly driven by a flurry of in-game events as Niantic capitalized on what is typically the game’s strongest month".

While cooler September conditions may start to have an impact on the number of players heading out on a daily basis, we'd expect Pokémon GO to have another stellar month, partly thanks to the introduction of Generation 5 Pokémon. With more new faces to track down, we're sure players will be eager to get out there and catch 'em all.

Do you still play regularly? Are you keen to keep on top of your progress? Let us know in the comments.

[source superdataresearch.com, via mcvuk.com]