The Snack World

Got an appetite for more Level-5 games? Well then, be sure to save some room for The Snack World, as a western release appears to be on the way.

After a rating for Snack World: The Dungeon Crawl Gold appeared on the Australian Classification Board in April, a classification has now popped up on the Entertainment Software Rating Board in America. It's just a matter of Level-5 making it official now.

As previously stated, this game appears to be the English title for The Snack World: Trejarers Gold – which was an enhanced version of the original 3DS RPG released on the Switch (in Japan) in 2017.

We originally found out the Snack World video game and television series would be released in the west when the localisation company 3Beep revealed it was working with Level-5 on English translations.

Below is a description and trailer of the Japanese release:

SNACK WORLD is a nutty place where mythology, fairy tales, and technology are fusion fare! When an evil mogul wrongs the young hero Chup, the boy and his bite-sized crew embark on an epic adventure of serving just deserts to the giant jerk.

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