Fire Emblem TH

Earlier this week, Nintendo released a patch for Fire Emblem: Three Houses on Nintendo Switch. You can check out the full patch notes here if you're interested (the change of voice actor for Male Byleth was one of the bigger stories to come from it), but fans have spotted something that wasn't clearly spelt out in the list of updates.

As it happens, a specific piece of dialogue coming from character Bernadetta has been altered; anyone who updates the game will now see the revised text. Originally, the sentence in question was significantly longer, with Bernadetta sharing details of an abusive relationship. The new text doesn't change the plot in any way, but does tone down some of the more sensitive parts of the quote.

As you'd expect, fan reaction to the news appears to be rather mixed. A quick look on social media shows that some players are understanding of the decision - which would appear to have been made in an attempt to protect players - while others have been left unhappy, either believing the situation to be unnecessary censorship, or because they felt that it was an important piece of dialogue that gives more weight to the character's story.

The update in question is Version 1.0.2. If your game hasn't been updated to this new version, the original text should still be present.