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Puzzle games and slightly risqué images of female models go together like strawberries and cream, or minced beef and custard, depending on who you ask. Assuming the latter is a peach worth plucking, SilverStarJapan have decided to bring Please Teach Me Onedari Shogi to the Nintendo Switch on the North America eShop for $7.99... entirely in Japanese.

That's right, it seems that translating the game into English wasn't part of their action plan, but if you happen to have a smattering of Japanese or just think you can blindly grope your way through regardless, here's what the game details page promises:

The Onedari Girls are Shogi novices.
When they face a difficult situation, they request a “Do-Over” or “Hint.”
Accept their requests to get along with the girls!
When you get to know them better, you will receive a special treat...
Equipped with a function that helps you feel like you can teach the girls Shogi even if you are a beginner!
Shogi game for adults.

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Each girl featured also comes with a brief description of their virtual likes, dislikes, and of course, measurements:

Hanamiya Inori
- Birthday: January 18
- Height: 164 cm (5’4”)
- Measurements: T92, U70 (under-bust), H95 (cm) (T: 36, U: 28, H: 37 (in))
- Likes: Cosplay, sushi, chocolate!
- Dislikes: Bugs, ghosts, vegetables!
- Comments:
I’m Inori Hanamiya, a half-Japanese and half-Chinese cosplayer.
I would be happy if you played with me!
Be nice to me!

There are games like this that have been released on the Japanese eShop in the past, and given the Switch's popularity, it's not totally surprising.

Are you keen to teach these still shots of young ladies how best to play the game shogi whilst on public transport? Let us know in the comments below.