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  • US 15th Aug 2019, $7.99
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Please Teach Me Onedari Shogi News

About The Game

The Onedari Girls are Shogi novices.

When they face a difficult situation, they request a “Do-Over” or “Hint.”

Accept their requests to get along with the girls!

When you get to know them better, you will receive a special treat...

Equipped with a function that helps you feel like you can teach the girls Shogi even if you are a beginner!

Shogi game for adults.

■ Onedari Girls

Your girlfriend in 2.5 dimensions!

Satou Airi

- Birthday: March 4

- Height: 149 cm (4’10”)

- Measurements: B88, W59, H85 (cm) (B: 35, W: 23, H: 33 (in))

- Likes: Games, animation, theater, baking sweets

- Dislikes: Vegetables

- Comments

I started to cosplay!

Please get to know me much better!!

Please take care of me!

Mighty rabbit

Uno Yui

- Birthday: January 5

- Height: 165 cm (5’5”)

- Measurements: B80, W58, H88 (cm) (B: 31, W:23, H: 35 (in))

- Likes: Rabbits, strawberries, the color pink, idols, chocolates, sushi

- Dislikes: Bugs, asparagus, coriander leaves, celery, hot days

- Comments:

I’m Yui Uno. Please call me “Uno-chan.”

It would make me so happy to get to know you better!

OK! Let’s do it again!

Ideal mistress-type cosplayer

Hanamiya Inori

- Birthday: January 18

- Height: 164 cm (5’4”)

- Measurements: T92, U70 (under-bust), H95 (cm) (T: 36, U: 28, H: 37 (in))

- Likes: Cosplay, sushi, chocolate!

- Dislikes: Bugs, ghosts, vegetables!

- Comments:

I’m Inori Hanamiya, a half-Japanese and half-Chinese cosplayer.

I would be happy if you played with me!

Be nice to me!


The language used in this game is Japanese.