Not All Joy Con Are Created Equal

The Switch is a pretty smart-looking bit of kit; whether you opt for the sophisticated grey model or put yourself out there with a set of vibrant neon Joy-Con, the hardware consistently looks sleek and elegant - and considerably more refined than its Wii U Gamepad predecessor.

Not all Joy-Con are quite as nice as Nintendo's own, however, and a quick scroll through the likes of Amazon and eBay pulls up some real stinkers. The Joy-Con you can see above and below are all third-party, 'knock-off' controllers, not officially licensed by Nintendo. They should work with your console (even if Nintendo doesn't approve of them), but we can't say that we're particularly enthused by their designs.

Sure, things could be worse, and some of these are significantly cheaper than the official controllers, but we'd definitely rather stick with the real deal.

Do you agree? Or perhaps you think they're actually pretty nice, in a quirky kind of way? Feel free to prove us right or wrong in the comments below.

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