The 3DS is easily one of the greatest Nintendo systems of all-time thanks to its vast library of games and fancy features that took handheld gaming to the next level. As its time in the spotlight draws to a close, Nintendo appears to have officially phased out the 3D model on its North American website.

As spotted by the Twitter user @AkfamilyhomeAK, the 3DS section of the webpage now only advertises the 2DS systems:

While the 2DS has proven to be the more accessible and affordable system, we never imagined it would outlast what is essentially the superior model. The slogan "see what the Nintendo 3DS family can do" on display, may also be a tad confusing now that there isn't a 3DS in sight.

This change isn't necessarily reflected on Nintendo's other websites, in different regions. Some still show the 3DS and 3DS XL, as well as where you can buy these devices from. To date, the entire 3DS family has sold more than 75 million units worldwide.

Are you surprised to see Nintendo promoting the 3DS exclusively with the 2DS line? Share your thoughts below.

[source nintendo.com, via twitter.com]