The 3DS is a remarkable machine and has played host to some of the best games of the past decade. However, every console has its time in the sun, and despite Nintendo's protests, the 3DS really is dead now.

In Nintendo's latest financial report, it was revealed that the 3DS sold just 200,000 consoles in the period between April and June 2019, bringing its total worldwide sales to 75.28 million.

By way of comparison, the Switch shifted 2.13 million systems over the exact same period, which gives you an idea of just how irrelevant the older machine is now.

Contrast this with what Nintendo of America president Doug Bower said recently:

Our 3DS business continues to do quite well. Retailers continue to support both the hardware and the software. And as long as there’s consumer demand for 3DS, we’ll continue to support it. In fact, we believe it’s a great entry point for young gamers. A 2DS at $79 with a game included is a great value proposition for a young gamer coming into the Nintendo ecosystem.

That's a fair assessment, but the latest sales figures go a long way to disproving Bowser's optimistic stance – the 3DS is certainly good value for money, but it would seem that Nintendo consumers are focused on Switch now, which makes the upcoming Switch Lite even more valuable as it offers an 'entry-level' option for younger players.

The final big 3DS game was recently canned in Japan, and it's also been confirmed that the 3DS YouTube app will close in Nintendo's homeland this September.