Shadow Man

Update 19/08: Larry Kuperman, the director of business development at Nightdive Studios, got in contact with us and said while there is no guarantee that it would release Shadow Man on Switch, the company hears its fans out there.

Original Story 18/08: Now that Nightdive Studios has released Turok 2: Seeds of Evil on the Nintendo Switch, we can't help but wonder what other retro classics the American-based studio plans to bring to the system.

If a tweet by the CEO of the studio is anything to go by (thanks, Júlio), there's a chance it could be the 1999 third-person action-adventure game Shadow Man. This was his exact response:

Shadow Man was inspired by the Valiant Comics title of the same name and started out life on the Nintendo 64 and multiple other platforms in the same year. Later on, in 2013, Nightdive released a digital version of the game on PC. Here's a description from GOG:

The game encompasses two enormous and varied worlds. Travel through Liveside, the land of the living, as mortal Mike LeRoi, and explore Deadside, the place where lost souls spend an eternity in torment, as his alter ego, the voodoo warrior Shadow Man. Take a ride into the unexplored territories of the human psyche as you try to stop a marauding band of villains from unleashing unspeakable horrors upon the world as we know it.

Below is a trailer of the Nightdive remake:

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