EvilCoGames' music-based beat 'em up Terrorhythm is gearing up for a release on Nintendo Switch, it has been confirmed.

The game unsurprisingly combines hectic beat 'em up action with rhythm-based inputs, with the player simultaneously dealing with opponents appearing on screen while grooving along to the beat. There's a plot behind all this madness, too, which you can check out for yourself below.

In the middle of the 25th century, the world has plunged into the totalitarian system of sound isolation that made the world absolute muted. In the world where the silence is the only anthem, you should break the law to bring back the sound and the music to humanity. But while there are those who still remember the melody of the former life, hope remains. We are here to defy terror. Follow the rhythm to defeat the security systems that keep any sound from society. Fight to the music, fight for the music!

The following screenshots are taken from the Steam version of the game:

No exact date has been revealed for the Switch release just yet, although publisher Forever Enternatinment says that it'll be "coming soon". The game has received 'mostly positive' reviews on Steam since it launched last October.

What do you think? One to keep an eye on? Share your early thoughts with us in the comments below.

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