Headup Games has revealed that it will be bringing indie developer winterworks' platform game Bloo Kid 2 to Nintendo Switch.

The game is a 2D retro-style platformer featuring pixel graphics and a full chiptune soundtrack which actually found its way to 3DS just a few years ago. Players are tasked with running, jumping and swimming their way through five worlds which each house twelve different levels.

The Switch version is said to include 15 "challenging bonus levels" which can be unlocked by collecting the necessary amount of stars in-game. It also promises "epic boss battles" and "tons of secrets".

We gave the 3DS version of the game a 7/10 back in the day. Here's a quick snippet of our review:

There's nothing ground-breaking here, just a solid, colourful platformer with spot-on controls and challenges should you choose to take them on. It's also cheap and cheerful, so if you're pining for a new platform game to keep you busy for a few hours, you'd do well to consider Bloo Kid 2.

Headup says that the game will "soon be available", although no exact release date has been given just yet.

One to keep an eye on? Do you think you might pick it up on Switch? Let us know below.