Playful Studios has revealed that New Super Lucky’s Tale will be jumping, burrowing, and exploring on a Nintendo Switch near you from 8th November, when it will receive a worldwide physical and digital release.

Taking inspiration from the likes of Super Mario 64 and other N64 greats, the game is said to be a love letter to classic 3D adventure platformers. It has collectables to find, secrets to uncover and a whole bunch of characters and costumes to enjoy.

A press release for the announcement notes that the game is "a challenging delight for players of all ages and skill levels", featuring an "incredible" variety of gameplay with hubs, story-based adventure levels, 2D side-scrolling challenges, mini-games, puzzles, and boss battles. This is an expanded version of the original game which released exclusively on Microsoft platforms back in 2017.

Are you a sucker for retro-inspired 3D platformers? Will you be giving this one a go? Tell us below.