Netflix seems to be gobbling up the rights for more video game-related series than we can keep track of at the moment, as Cuphead becomes the latest to get its very own show on the platform.

The news comes directly from Cuphead developer, StudioMDHR's Twitter account:

"Coming to you in full color and cine-sound, it's...The Cuphead Show! Witness the wondrous Inkwell Isles as you've never seen them before in an original series inspired by classic animation styles of the 1930s. Now in production by the talented team at Netflix Animation!"

The streaming giant also has a The Witcher series in the works, and the crossovers work the other way around too as Netflix's Stranger Things saw its brand new third season launch alongside a new Switch game on the same day.

It was also recently revealed that Cuphead's 'The Delicious Last Course' DLC will be coming to Switch next year.

Excited for this? Will you give it a watch when it arrives? Let us know in the comments.

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