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Last week's Pokémon Direct was packed to bursting point with news about Pokémon Sword & Shield, including new 'mon, new moves and new characters. We also got a massive helping of gameplay footage and a solid release date.

You'd assume that with all of that information out of the way, Nintendo would be laying off Sword & Shield for its E3 Direct – but that's not the case. The official Pokémon Twitter account has tweeted confirming that more Sword & Shield news will be included in the upcoming 40-minute presentation.

On one hand, this is hardly surprising; Pokémon Sword & Shield is a 2019 title, and Nintendo likes to focus on games launching in the same year as its E3 broadcast. Pokémon is also massive, so it makes sense that the company would use this platform to give it more exposure.

However, given that we already know that the Direct will be 40 minutes long, there's the worry that valuable running time will be given to a game that was the subject of its very own Direct only a week ago; let's face it, we're all hoping for surprises during today's Direct and anything that eats into potential 'shocker' footage time could be seen as a negative.

Let us know what you think of this news by posting a comment below; do you think it was obvious that Sword & Shield would be featured, or were you expecting it to be left out, given the recent Pokémon Direct?