Super Lucky's Tale

Nintendo and Microsoft really are best buds at the moment; we've already had the amazing Cuphead on Switch, as well as Hellblade – both of which are Microsoft-published properties. We've also today had the welcome news that Banjo and Kazooie are coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

However, the blooming friendship between the two firms isn't over yet, as today's E3 Direct also confirmed that the Microsoft-published 3D platformer New Super Lucky's Tale is Switch-bound this Autumn.

Developed by Playful Corp. and published by Microsoft Studios for Xbox One and Windows in 2017, it takes inspiration from the likes of Super Mario 64 and N64-era Rare platformers – which makes it the ideal title for release on Switch, you could argue.

Earlier this year, it was hinted that the game could be coming to Nintendo's console. You can check out a gameplay trailer below.