Releasing today on Switch eShop is Vectronom, a colourful beat-based puzzler which marries cuboid rolling mechanics with a thumping soundtrack of electronica.

The debut project from German developer Ludopium, the game requires you to navigate a cube through a course, avoiding hazards that pop up and disappear in time to the beat. Things get psychedelic pretty quickly, as you can see from the launch trailer above. We'll include some screenshots below, but it's probably best to watch the video - the music appears to be an integral part of the game.

Highlighted in the official blurb are the following features:

A challenging solo campaign that will completely entrance you

A drop-in, drop-out multiplayer mode that will hypnotize your friends

Colorful and atmospheric levels with a powerful electronic soundtrack

Hobby composer can sync their own tracks with the game by connecting an analog synthesizer to the headphone output.

BONUS: the game is compatible with digital dance mats and MIDI instruments, so it won’t just be your fingertips showing off their best moves!

Unless it involves some special adaptors, we imagine that last point must be a PC-only bonus feature, but the drop-in multiplayer looks like it could suit Switch very well indeed. We're big chiptune fans - it's always nice to see them in their natural habitat - and overall this looks like it could work very nicely, especially in handheld mode.

Do you like the sound of this? Are you a fan of chip-based audio entertainment? Have you played Just Shapes & Beats yet?! Let us know in the usual place.