Yes, we know we said Bubsy: Paws On Fire! was coming to the Switch this month, whether you wanted it or not, but it turns out the game's publisher Accolade and developer Choice Provisions have decided to delay the return of the infamous video game mascot from the '90s.

Instead of launching on the Switch eShop next week on 16th May, the game has now been pushed back to this summer, "to allow a bit more time for final adjustments." The other versions of the game for PlayStation and PC are still on-track. The game will also receive a standard and limited physical edition when it arrives, for $29.99 and $39.99. The limited edition includes the game, a soundtrack sampler and a 'Mini Collectors' Booklet'.

The co-founder of Choice Provisions provided the following statement to explain what was going on with the Switch release (thanks, Gematsu):

“The Switch version of Bubsy: Paws on Fire is in great shape, we’re in the final push on some non-gameplay aspects on Switch.”

If you haven't heard about the anthropomorphic bobcat's latest game, Choice Provisions were formerly known as Gaijin Games and were responsible for the Bit. Trip series. This new Bubsy release is a runner-like platforming game for "lovers and haters alike" and includes four playable characters, new moves, collectibles, a unique combo system, in-game cosmetic shop (not requiring real money), boss battles and more than 100 levels.

Were you planning to get this on release? Are you prepared to hold out for it on the Switch? Tell us below.