Warren Spector

If you owned a Nintendo Wii during its prime, you might remember Disney’s Epic Mickey games. Warren Spector was the director of the original entry and considers it to be one of the “high points” of his illustrious career. Apart from this, he’s also helped created games like System Shock, Ultima, Deus Ex and Thief.

For anyone who has been following him over the years, you might recall how he’s a bit of a Nintendo geek. During an interview with Nintendo Life in 2015, Warren explained how the Japanese company stood out from the crowd with its creative design.

Fast forward to 2019 and nothing has changed – Warren still loves Nintendo. The only problem is his Switch appears to be having a problem. According to a post he made over on his Facebook page, he’s acquired Cuphead and a “couple other games” but has a battery issue, meaning he can't even play them. Here’s how he explained it:

"I’m having a problem with my Nintendo Switch. I didn’t use it for a while and now the battery won’t hold a charge. I mean, I charge it fully and it goes from 100% down to 1% in a matter of seconds. And, no, I’m not exaggerating. Anyone else seen this problem? Anyone know how to fix it? I just got Cuphead and a couple other games and not being able to play is driving me nuts."

He’s reached out to his followers in the hope someone could help him out. So far, he's been advised to contact Nintendo support and was also told it's likely to be a faulty battery.

Do you have any advice for Warren? Did you play Epic Mickey during the Wii generation? While we’re at it, would you like to see him create another game for a Nintendo platform? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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