We've reported on several different attempts to immortalize gaming icons in LEGO form before, from Mega Man to Metroid, and one particular set detailing Link's battle with an Iron Knuckle managed to gain enough momentum to be put forward for official consideration by the LEGO team. The results have since come in, and unfortunately it's looking like the adventure is over before it started.

After reaching the required 10,000 votes from users of the Lego Ideas site, the project by Wes Talbott was put forward for approval alongside a slew of other potential products also voted in. Here, licensing issues are considered alongside a plethora of other aspects that ultimately form a final decision — whether or not the proposed set will hit store shelves. The hopes of Zelda fans everywhere were raised higher than ever as Wes' set made it through to a smaller selection of finalists, but as the Winter 2014 review came to a close it was the Female minifigure set that ended up with that all-important approval.

Despite Nintendo's new-found and open attitude towards licensing products of its major IPs, it's looking unlikely that we'll see any official Zelda LEGO merchandise soon despite the proven interest. K'Nex is currently under agreement with Nintendo and has released several sets from the Mario universe already, including Mario Kart and Super Mario 3D Land. Things might always open up in the future, but for now Wes can take pride in his efforts to spread some blocky Zelda goodness.

Was this something you'd have thrown rupees at to make happen? Let us know if you're among the disappointed in a comment below.

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