It might be 2019, but somehow people are still discovering unreleased games on the NES.

YouTuber Stephan Reese, also known as Archon 1981, recently acquired the NES game UWC from a former Nintendo employee. If you've never heard about this wrestling title before, that's because it was never actually released. The name is reportedly a placeholder title for WCW (World Championship Wrestling), which was purchased by Ted Turner in 1988, according to Kotaku.

Around 1989, SETA submitted this game to Nintendo of America and it was never actually made available to the general public. There's no information about what exactly happened. All that is known, is the Nintendo employee who previously had the game was originally given it for testing purposes because they were a fan of wrestling.

Reese intends to share the ROM online in the future. For now, though, check out direct footage of the game in his video below. It looks and plays as you would imagine and includes popular wrestlers of the time such as Sting and Ric Flair.

[source kotaku.com]