Chen San Yuan on stage with ASUS
Image: @SCMcrocodile

In a news story we never expected to write (but one that we're incredibly happy to be doing nonetheless), the internet-famous 70-year-old Pokémon GO player Chen San Yuan was recently presented on stage as a brand ambassador for Taiwanese electronics giant ASUS.

If that sentence has just flown over your head faster than a soaring Pidgeot, let us explain. Chen San Yuan first rose to fame last summer, when photos of him and his bike, which could hold eleven smartphones at one time, were shared around the internet. He was using this strange contraption to play Pokémon GO across multiple accounts all at the same time. And people loved it.

Things got weirder still when he was later spotted wearing a new, full-body rig to carry all of the phones whilst walking about. His bike received modifications, too, and he soon added even more phones to his lineup.

It seems that ASUS is a fan of his work, hiring him to come out on stage to promote the new Zenfone Max Pro M2. As you can see in the images below, his bike rig has now been transformed to include 21 versions of the new smartphone. These 'influencers' getting all of their products for free these days...

The internet sure is a crazy, powerful thing.

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