Veteran developer Double Fine today announced an all-new game coming to Switch this summer. RAD is a 3D action game set in the Fallow, a wasteland of a world that has been ravaged by not one, but two apocalypses.

Players will have to battle all sorts of creatures and work to heal the cracked and barren land you can see the the trailer and the screenshots below. It appears that your teenage protagonist doesn't react very well to the toxic radioactivity he encounters, with various mutations that will help, and we assume hinder, your progress.

From the official blurb:

The fate of the world depends on the player, a sweet bat, and whatever new abilities they gain as the world around them ravages their body, twisting and mutating them into something far less than human, but far more powerful.

The old favourite term 'roguelike' got rolled out again for this one, but Double Fine's trademark humour (glimpsed in the trailer reveal as studio head Tim Schafer put in a cameo appearance) should help stop this particular apocalypse from getting stodgy - we'll find out more this summer.


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