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Last year, the prolific peripheral maker Hori released a left-hand Joy-Con featuring a full D-Pad arrangement. It was a response to Nintendo's first-party Joy-Con not including a control pad – with many purists crying out for more traditional control methods when playing specific old-school titles.

If the original price of $24.99 still wasn't enough to make you rush out and buy one of these third-party Joy-Con, perhaps the new price for North America will push you over the edge. Hori USA has announced the cost of its D-Pad Joy-Con has now been reduced to $19.99. If you head over to GameStop or Target, you'll see the new price has already taken effect. It even covers the themed varieties.

For anyone who was hesitant about this controller, due to the fact it is limited to portable mode and has no internal battery, wireless connectivity or motion control, hopefully, this new price makes up for it. To find out more about this controller, read our hardware review.

Will you be picking up this controller now that its price has been reduced? Do you already own one? Tell us below.

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