Hori Joy Con.original

The Japanese peripheral maker Hori was only in the headlines recently, warning customers about a Switch battery-draining issue currently linked to its left-hand Joy-Con featuring a full D-Pad arrangement. While we got the official word from the manufacturer this would be fixed prior to the controller's release in Western markets, the latest news is it will be arriving locally in September for $25.00.

The announcement comes via IGN, with the other part of the reveal being the controller will be available in Zelda and Mario-themed designs. Obviously, this isn't the first themed controller Hori has worked on, with the accessory manufacturer also recently revealing Mario, Zelda and Pikachu designs for GameCube-inspired Pro Controllers.

Some vital information that appears to have been forgotten is the fact the controller is for handheld use only, as can be seen on the packaging above. According to the source, the low price point of the Hori left-hand Joy-Con has been achieved by excluding a number of features including Bluetooth, Gyrosensor, HD rumble, a battery and the SL/SR buttons. As a result, this makes traditional couch play with the controller impossible as it is unable to be used with a grip.

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Are you tempted by either of these left-hand Joy-Con controllers? Are you still concerned about the battery-draining issue or are you surprised the controller is limited to the Switch's portable mode? Tell us below.

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