Now that you've seen the latest Pokémon Direct, viewed our complete breakdown of the trailer and slapped down a pre-order, it's time to listen to what our lovely video producer Alex Olney has to say about Pokémon Sword and Shield.

It seems like the new Galar region could actually be the UK in disguise, with a quaint and Victorian vibe. Not to mention the great big clock tower on display, that is reminiscent of a certain landmark. The main city area looks similar to London and there might even be a few references to Scotland thrown in for good measure. Noticeably, there appears to be no desert area this time around, so we're less likely to see certain varieties Pokémon.

Alex has already confessed his love for the new starter Grookey (the grass type monster), but admittedly isn't sure how he feels about the return of random encounters after the previous games replaced this old-school mechanic. Listen to more of his waffling in the video above and share your own reactions to the latest entries in the series in the comments below.