Well, we finally got some solid information on the long-awaited next entry in the Pokémon series! It's now got a name; Pokémon Sword & Shield will be releasing this year (thank goodness) and we've got a breakdown below of the trailer from today's Pokémon Direct. Let's have a closer look at the details of the trailer...

Things kick off in a picturesque little village that looks to be your starting area from the number on the sign...

Nestled in amongst the fields and parochial little walls is the town's Pokémon stadium. The new style of Pokémon Gym, or something new?


We then zoom in on an attractive little house to meet our trainer(s), who not only gets to live in this lovely abode, but also has a pretty swish telly in their room. Kids these days...

We then cut to the female trainer outside the house looking very chic in a bobble beret and boots, and ready for a Pokémon-based adventure with her all-important backpack.

Next we get a couple of location shots showing off the best looking Pokémon environments we've seen thus far in the series. Hardly groundbreaking, but still lovely.

We then cut to our male trainer jogging into the stadium. While the wheelbarrow on the left is fairly self-explanatory, what do those symbols on the right signify?


Another couple of shots of the female trainer follow, this time skulking in the long grass. What's that!?

Not a clue who this could be:


Wild PIKACHU appeared! Our trainer throws out a Minccino who gives the Pikachu an ungentlemanly whack.


Next up the trainer catches a Wishiwashi.

Female trainer jogs up to an opponent and begins a battle:


We then cut to a montage of familiar 'mon, including Grubbin, a Flygon and Braviary battling, and a Wailmer fighting a Meowstic:

After a brief cut back to what appears to be the trainer's house with a Munchlax inside...


... we jump into a stadium battle between a Lucario and Tyranitar. Plenty of familiar faces in this new game, then.

We then get a little showcase of some of the environments we have in store, including a snowy town square, a mine and hillside with what appear to be chalk figures - clues to pick apart, no doubt:

The camera then moves around the trainers showcasing the changing locations behind them:

We then see the trainer preparing and walking out through the tunnel into the stadium:


That's it for gameplay footage - the rest was a pre-rendered clip introducing the three new starter Pokémon: Scorbunny, Sobble and Grookey.

From the brickwork of an old clock tower the camera whip pans to a little fiery critter running up the edge of a cog on the side of a building:

We see a close up of its foot leaving flaming trails with each step:


The creature then jumps into the sunlight before dropping fast and sliding along the grass for its reveal. Meet Scorbunny, the fire-type starter!

The rabbit hops away leaving burning footprints in the grass that are mysteriously extinguished...

From a nearby fountain, a camouflaged... something douses the flames.


Its 'cloak' drops and we see the face of Sobble, the newest water-type Pokémon, squirting water from its mouth:


The timid tadpole-esque creature wiggles out of the fountain and onto the grass for the money shot...


... before being scared off by a loud banging sound.

The little green body is hitting a rock with a stick but it runs away before we see its face, climbing up the nearby building until it gets to the top and we meet the monkeying grass-type Grookey!


Time for the logo reveal: Pokémon Sword and Shield! Check out those wolves!


We then find out a little more information about the lovely new region. It's called Galar and we get a good look at the different environments it offers:


We're then properly introduced to the starters by name:

And finally, the Direct rounded out with that all-important worldwide release window!


Aaaaaaand breathe. What do you think of the three new starters? How do they compare to the last seven generations? Let us know all your impressions of the region and the everything else in the comments below.