The above trailer for Xaloc Studios' upcoming soccer game, Super Kickers League gives us a far better look at the previously announced title, including special team abilities, plus a 'spring' 2019 release window.

The team acknowledges Super Mario Strikers (or Mario Smash Football in PAL regions) and Soccer Brawl as strong influences, with a fun approach to the beautiful game and its rules. The trailer shows that each team has a specific ability you can employ against the opposing side, including a Fortnite-like move which causes them to break out some impromtu dance moves.

With three different modes available - Teams, Kickers and Retro - that last one has our interest particularly piqued. According to the official blurb, Retro mode "allows you to play the game with an orthographic camera and pixel art graphics, transforming the graphics into a much more 'classic' format." Intriguing!

So, while it's still a game of two halves where a bunch of people try to kick a ball into a net, it seems that flaming meteors, teleportation and irresistible dance beats add a lighthearted layer of strategy.

Like the look of this madcap take on the beautiful game, or do you prefer a more serious intepretation of the sport? Share your opinion below.