Scalebound was an ambitious action title in development at PlatinumGames a few years back, and was intended to be an Xbox One exclusive. Helmed by the one and only Hideki Kamiya, it mixed fantasy with science fiction and was understandably on the 'must have' list of many a gamer.

However, in 2017, Microsoft pulled the plug on development and Scalebound appeared to be dead and buried. A game of this scope could only be developed with the financial assistance of a major publisher or platform holder, and although Microsoft renewed the Scalebound trademark, it lapsed when the company was unable to specify what application it would have following the game's cancellation.

Fast forward to the present, and Nintendo Insider is reporting that the game has been resurrected as a Nintendo Switch exclusive – the site even states that it believes this was the "dead and buried" game that was hinted at yesterday.

Given PlatinumGames' solid relationship with Nintendo, this isn't the most outlandish rumour we've ever heard, although the project would presumably need to be scaled down by quite some margin to accommodate the drop in processing power (although it's worth noting that it actually began life on the Wii).

Nintendo Insider states that it has the utmost confidence in its source, but do you think this one should be taken with a grain of salt? Let us know with a comment.