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Last week, Game Informer's Senior Editor Imran Khan participated in the Kinda Funny Games show and ended up making reference to a "dead and buried" title Nintendo supposedly has intentions of reviving, even though it was "officially" canned.

This is what he had to say, as transcribed by Nintendo Everything:

"There's a game that's thought to be dead that Nintendo's reviving, and it's not one that people would expect. It was very much a title that was dead and buried - very officially cancelled."

Khan went on to explain how he had heard enough about this game and was "almost sure it exists again." Unfortunately, the name of it was not mentioned.

Not long after this, Khan talked about the possibility of Kingdom Hearts III making a transition across to the Switch. It's apparently unlikely. He believes the hybrid platform is more likely to receive the remasters of older games in the series but is still not sure if these are actually being developed.

"Last I heard, there was a talk between Nintendo and Square Enix about what they could do with Kingdom Hearts III. It was deemed unfeasible to get Kingdom Hearts III on the Switch."

Much like the rumour Nintendo is working on VR technology for the Switch and possibly a special Labo kit, these latest comments about Kingdom Hearts were backed-up. Industry insider, video game historian and Nintendo Life contributor Liam Robertson chimed in on Twitter, claiming to have "heard similar things" about the Kingdom Hearts discussions. In regards to the axed game Nintendo is reviving, Robertson mentioned Project H.A.M.M.E.R. - a Wii title which was eventually cancelled in 2009.

What are your thoughts about all of this? What Nintendo project would you like to see revived? Tell us down below.

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