Daemon X Machina

Following the conclusion of last week's Nintendo Direct presentation, a number of demos were uploaded to the Switch eShop. One of these gave players the chance to try out the DAEMON X MACHINA Prototype Missions.

If you were of the people who happened to download and play this particular demo, be on the lookout for a survey from Nintendo about it. It reportedly takes about 10-15 minutes to complete. If you're not selected, you're still encouraged to reach out via social media.

For anyone who hasn't been keeping an eye on this futuristic mech action game, the demo allows you to try out four different missions while familiarising yourself with the game's controls and mech customisation options. The final mission features a boss battle challenge. As previously noted by Kenichiro Tsukuda, the demo is available for a limited time, so if be sure to play it while you can. This Switch exclusive is currently aiming for a 2019 summer release.

We would also love to hear your own thoughts about this demo, so share them with us in the comments.

[via gonintendo.com]