Stuttgart-based publisher Strictly Limited Games has revealed that it will be releasing two physical editions of R-Type Dimensions EX on Switch later this month.

R-Type Dimensions EX contains both R-Type I and R-Type II in one lovely shoot 'em up package, both of which are regarded as being up there with the most influential games of the genre. Players must save the universe from the evil Bydo in their spaceship and, across a total of 14 levels, shoot their way through the Bydo-contaminated worlds alone. In a nice touch, you can switch between the original, retro 2D graphics and the completely reworked 3D mode at the touch of a button. We described last year's digital release as a "top-notch" package in our review, so feel free to give that a read for more info.

As well as a standard physical release, the game will be treated to a fancy Collector's Edition, with pre-orders going live from Strictly Limited Games' store from 24th February. The Collector's Edition is limited to just 2,000 copies and will cost €49.99; the standard physical release will receive 3,000 copies and will be priced at €24.99.

RType Announcement

Specific details about the Collector's Edition haven't been shared just yet, although Strictly Limited's last Switch collector's release, for Velocity 2X, came with a soundtrack CD, an artbook, and a poster.

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