Plant Cropped

If you've tried Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's latest character addition, Piranha Plant, you'll likely be aware that its aerial capabilities are rather strong. With two decent jumps and a really impressive recovery which sees it fly through the air, keeping Piranha Plant down and out can be a real challenge.

As it turns out, the fighter was originally going to be even more of a nuisance to beat. Data miner @Meshima_ has discovered that Piranha Plant originally had three jumps available to it, meaning that it would have been able to reach even greater heights and dodge other aerial attacks more easily, but this third jump was actually removed in a day one patch (before it was available to play with, essentially).

This would suggest that the development team felt relatively late concern that it might be a little overpowered with an extra jump, tweaking things just at the vital moment. As you can see above, the third jump animation has been discovered in the game's files.

Have you played as Piranha Plant? Do you like how it plays, or will you be sticking with someone else? Tell us below.

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