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Around the release of Luigi's Mansion on the 3DS last October, we publicised Luigi's "green doppelgänger" Gooigi, introduced by Professor E. Gadd as a playable character in the game's co-op mode.

Since then, the 3DS game site - taking on the form of Professor E. Gadd's research journal - has documented the accidental discovery of the green goo and the characteristics of it. In his most recent entry, the professor talks about the birth of Gooigi, essentially adding plenty of backstory to the character:

This mysterious element I've come to call Goo has proven unlike any other element I know of. I'm confident that I can make great strides in my research if I can teach Goo to collect ghosts for me! My greatest invention, the Poltergust, is undeniably the best way to capture ghosts. I realized that Goo could learn to master the Poltergust if only I could cause it to adopt a humanoid form. The experiments began at once!

First, I created a mold that I could pour Goo into.This went smoothly, and when I removed the mold, Goo was in fact in a human shape! But only a few short moments later, Goo returned to its original form. It seemed Goo was not able to easily hold a shape without help...

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It seemed I was at a deadend, until I remembered the biological data that the Pixelator captured when Luigi used it! Taking that data and converting it into an electrical signal, I was able to then input it into Goo.The result was...Exactly as predicted! Goo shapeshifted into an exceedingly green copy of Luigi right before my eyes! I never doubted my genius!

In order to teach Goo, now in the form of Luigi, how to collect ghosts for me, I showed him the vast amount of footage I had of Luigi doing exactly that! Just as I expected, Goo began to mimic Luigi's movements—he even transformed a part of his body into a perfect replication of the Poltergust! This progress has exceeded even my most ambitious expectations! I'm so good I even scare myself!

However, I must keep reminding myself thatallgreat discoveries require a disciplined approach! Progress in the lab is wonderful, but soon the practical test of ghost collecting begins! There's only one more thing to do: name Goo, who now holds the shape of Luigi. Easy! He looks like Luigi,so I shall call him...Gooigi! With Lunoman Greeniecoffee blend in hand, I must now determine the perfect place for Gooigi to test his abilities...

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To see the original journal entry, visit the official game page. You can also check out the previous two entries while you're at it.

Are you a fan of Gooigi? Have you played as him yet in the Luigi's Mansion co-op mode? Would you like to see him added to more Nintendo games in the future? Tell us down below.