Gooigi IMG

Now that Luigi's Mansion for 3DS has been released in the US, we can apparently share an odd secret about the game that Nintendo requested reviewers not to mention.

Even though the remake is based on the 2001 GameCube launch title, the new version of Luigi's Mansion does include some additional features like amiibo support and a co-op mode, where two players can take on bosses together or play through the full story mode.

In the multiplayer modes, your co-op partner is Gooigi (as can be seen in the image above and the video below). The "green doppelgänger" is introduced to players by Professor E. Gadd. Apart from turning into a puddle of goo from time to time, the new character is just like Luigi.

You can see Gooigi in action in the latest episode of Nintendo Minute:

What do you think about Gooigi? If a fan-made character like Bowsette can catch on, do you think Luigi's double deserves some love? Would you like to see this character referenced in future Mario games? Tell us below.