Super Smash Bros Mario And Link

Ever since Nintendo announced there would be multiple DLC fighters added to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, there have been rumours and predictions about the next lot of characters on the way. One reported "leak" that gained plenty of traction, originated on the Japanese textboard 5channel. It was all because the apparent leaker posted information that was then officially confirmed. At the time, the individual allegedly revealed more information about Joker's DLC fighter pack.

The other part of this leak made reference to Erdrick from Square Enix's long-running Dragon Quest series - a character depicted as a recurring legendary hero who wields a sword and is skilled with multiple weapons. Not long after this, a "reliable dataminer" supposedly revealed the codenames for the upcoming DLC Season Pass fighters. Based on the information provided in a ResetEra post dating back to the start of this year, the first was "Jack" - suspected to be a reference to the Persona series, and the second was "Brave" - an apparent reference to a Dragon Quest hero. In Japan, this class is called Yuusha, which directly translates to 'brave' in English. "Packu" - a codename for Piranha Plant was also spotted directly below this.

Following the recent release of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate version 2.0.0, dataminers have now noticed the codenames "Jack" and "Brave" have both been removed from the game's source code. Either Nintendo is now trying to cover up any evidence, or the codenames were no longer needed. If this is what we're led to believe, we're guessing Nintendo will be a lot more cautious in the future when selecting codenames.

What do you make of this? Would you like to see a character from the Dragon Quest series represented in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? Tell us below.