Super Smash Bros. Ultimate More Fighters, More Battles, More Fun Nintendo Switch 0 11 Screenshot

In the second half of December, there was a reported "leak" for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, originating on the Japanese textboard 5channel. It was regarding one of the extra fighters expected to appear in the game. The rumour gained traction because the apparent leaker posted information that was then officially confirmed. At the time, the individual also revealed more information about Joker's DLC fighter pack.

The other DLC fighter referenced in this leak was Erdrick from Square Enix's long-running Dragon Quest series - a character depicted as a recurring legendary hero who wields a sword and is skilled with multiple weapons. Now, in the latest update, a "reliable dataminer" by the name of jam1garner has allegedly revealed the code names for the upcoming DLC Season Pass fighters.

Based on the information provided in a ResetEra post by user MondoMega, the first is "Jack" - suspected to be a reference to Joker from Persona 5, and the second is "Brave" - a supposed reference to a Dragon Quest hero. In Japan, this class is called Yuusha, which directly translates to 'brave' in English. "Packu" - a code name for Piranha Plant was also spotted below this. There are also theories "Jack" might actually be a reference to Jack Frost - a demon from the Persona series.

Are you convinced yet? Would you like to see a character from Dragon Quest appear in Smash Bros. Ultimate? Tell us below.