As we're sure most of you will agree, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a pretty great experience which easily justifies its recommended price of $59.99. We enjoyed every moment of our playthrough, and we'd happily recommend it to just about everyone, but we're not sure that this would hold true if its official price was bumped up to a staggering $239.

For some, this harsh pricing recently became a reality, with the Peruvian Nintendo eShop being subject to a glitch which saw the game's cost skyrocket. The glitch was spotted by Reddit user TheOnlyRealSquare, who shared a post online explaining the issue alongside images of the pricing error. As you can see below, the game first appeared at its usual price on the store (a slightly higher $69 USD), but mysteriously jumped up to the $239 figure at checkout.

Image: u/TheOnlyRealSquare - Reddit
Image: u/TheOnlyRealSquare - Reddit

As TheOnlyRealSquare points out, this doesn't seem to be an intentional move from Nintendo; it would appear that a strange glitch prevented the site from correctly converting the number from Peruvian Soles to USD, and this only happened when the game was placed in a basket alongside the DLC expansion. The issue has reportedly been fixed since the story was first shared, although the DLC has now completely disappeared. Hopefully it'll be back and working correctly soon.

It might be a great game, but $239 is certainly pushing it. Would you have bought it regardless? Tell us below.

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