On 30th January, all online services for the Wii including all functions associated with the Wii Shop Channel will be closed down. That means you have exactly two weeks to get all of your Wii-based affairs in order.

Of course, Nintendo has now released two new home consoles since the hugely popular Wii first launched back in 2006, so even if you've missed this news in the past, we imagine this won't come as too much of a shock. Indeed, just a couple of months ago, it was also confirmed that all video streaming services will be suspended - so no more Netflix on your Wii, folks.

So what does this all mean for you? Well, it might be a good idea to set aside a couple of hours over the next two weeks to boot up the good ol' Wii, checking to see if there's anything you need to sort.

Redownload your games

The first thing we'd recommend you do is to check to see if you have any purchased games not currently downloaded to the console. Simply go to the Wii Shop Channel and click on 'Titles You’ve Downloaded'; after the closure, you'll no longer be able to redownload any games you had previously deleted. If you're desperate for space, consider deleting any video streaming apps like Netflix - as we said, they'll soon be useless anyway.

Spend your Wii Points

The second thing we'd recommend ties in nicely to the first point: make sure to spend any remaining Wii Points. If you happen to have any of the Wii's virtual currency just sitting there in your online account, treat yourself! The money will disappear in two weeks, so why not get yourself a game or two?

Transfer everything to your Wii U

Finally, you could also consider transferring all of your digital games to your Wii U, especially if you still keep your Wii U on display or under your TV. Nintendo has provided a full guide to this process, which you can find right here.

Do you still play on your Wii to this day? Do you have any fond memories or experiences of with the console? Tell us below in the comments.

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