Nintendo Switch

Remember when Nintendo projected it would sell 20 million Switch consoles in the current fiscal year? The prediction was met with pretty widespread derision, with many industry analysts claiming it was far too high to be achievable – especially when you take into account the Switch's second year on sale, which arguably had fewer first-party smash-hits to rely upon.

Despite this negativity, it would seem that there's a chance Nintendo's estimate (which it has stuck by through thick and thin) is actually spot-on. While there's no solid sales data as yet – that will come direct from Nintendo's official channels at the end of the month as part of its Q3 results – the Wall Street Journal's Takashi Mochizuki is reporting that things are definitely looking up for Switch.

According to Mochizuki's report, Switch holiday sales were 'unexpectedly good', and some analysts believe Nintendo sold 10 million Switch units between October and December 2018 alone. As a result of this positive gossip, Nintendo's shares are now up 5.1 percent this week and 8.9 percent for the month of January, which is good news as share value plunged 15 percent at the end of 2018, some of which was down to Nvidia's current woes.

When those Q3 results come in, we'll know for sure if this is solid info or just idle industry chatter. The end of the fiscal year is March 31st, so Nintendo still has a little bit of time to close the gap on that magical 20 million.