The Nintendo-published Fitness Boxing has launched today on Switch and, in case it had slipped from your radar, Nintendo UK has shared a brand new launch trailer to celebrate.

If you're anything like us, you'll be scoffing your way through far too much food over the holiday period before inevitably feeling absolutely terrible as a result. If you're then wanting to burn those calories off again, Fitness Boxing is on hand with rhythm-based workouts to make you break a sweat and restore your former glory.

It's actually designed to help you become more fit, improve your general well-being, target specific areas of the body, or simply get active with a friend, with routines which let you jab, hook, and uppercut your way through 20 different songs. You'll find a nice little selection of tracks from artists like Lady Gaga, LMFAO, and Avril Lavigne (full tracklisting here), and a demo is also available in Europe as we speak, so make sure to give it a quick try before you buy.

Fitness Boxing is available right now in Europe for £39.99, and launches on 4th January for $49.99 in North America.

We're painfully aware that we'd look nothing like the beautiful people in that trailer as we flop our weak, feeble arms around, but it does look like good fun. Let us know if you'll be boxing your way to a healthy body this Christmas in the comments.