Stardew Valley has sold tremendously well across all platforms including the Nintendo Switch. On the eShop it continues to be one of the most popular titles to download.

If you've been eager to join a friend for some multiplayer action in the Switch version of Stardew, the game's publisher Chucklefish has revealed it's one step closer to release. Following the news in October that this component of the game was in the bug testing and crash stages, it's now been confirmed the title has been submitted for the final approval. At this point, it will either be out before the end of this year or early on in 2019.

As we've previously explained, multiplayer in Stardew Valley allows three people to work alongside you on your farm. Other players can participate in most activities and each person has their own cabin they can rest in. There's even an option to marry other players. For more information about this update, be sure to check out the official website notes and view the trailer above.

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