The last time we heard about Stardew Valley, was when the PC version finally secured a release date for the highly anticipated multiplayer update on 1st August.

Fast forward to October, and owners of the Switch version are still waiting on the update. For anyone wondering what's going on with the Nintendo release, creator Eric Barone - better known as ConcernedApe - has now published a tweet, revealing the multiplayer for this platform is in the bug testing and crash stages:

Although there's no date provided, it's reassuring to know the update has reached the final stages of this particular phase.

Multiplayer allows three other people to work alongside you. Players can join in on pretty much everything and each person has their own cabin to hang out in. You can even get married to a fellow player. To find out more about the multiplayer update, take a look at the official website notes.

Do you own Stardew Valley on the Nintendo Switch? Have you been anticipating the multiplayer update? Tell us in the comments.

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