If you're a fan of video game history, it might be worth checking out the above video posted by Australian super-collector Joel "Last Gamer" Hopkins. He's got an entire house dedicated to games - with a total of five rooms covering every aspect of his beloved hobby. We previously posted about this world record holder last year when he was in the earlier stages of the project.

Of course, this collector's favourite pastime activity is playing all of his devices and extensive library of games with his family. His house has it all - including racing simulators, game demo units and even an arcade room.

In terms of Nintendo-related content, Hopkins has entire shelves dedicated to amiibo, a library of Game Boy games, hundreds of Wii games, a prototype of GoldenEye 007 and even an Ultra 64. His most played Nintendo system is apparently the Famicom. If you're at all jealous of his collection, just think about the expensive power bills.

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