By this point, players have managed to manipulate The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild's huge number of interactive possibilities to find almost as many glitches as there are those pesky Koroks, and the latest discovery is both amusing and practical.

Dubbed the 'bullet time bounce', this new find has players jumping on top of enemies, giving them a gentle bop on the head, and then hurtling through the sky faster than Link can ignore Zelda's desperate pleas for help by heading off on a pointless side quest. The best part is that, when the move is pulled off particularly well, Link appears to fly in a near-perfect horizontal line, meaning players can travel incredibly long distances before being thwarted by a mountain in the distance.

To perform the trick, players must jump from a platform or raised edge, turning 180 degrees in the air until their back is facing a nearby enemy, and then land on them while riding a shield. The enemy in question needs to be particularly weak or otherwise affected, however, as the trick requires them to ragdoll into your shield when you land. You can see it in action below if you'd like to give it a go.

In this particular case, Link is travelling so fast through the air that the game has to momentarily pause to load the next portion of the map, and there's a rather comical ending where we have to wait for him to land. Multiple users have been sharing clips of their attempts online, with other examples also causing Link to fly much faster than the game ever intended.

Of course, players have already discovered several glitches and tricks to help with speedrunning, like being able to fly on trees, but this - when performed correctly - offers one of quickest ways to zoom around the map. We're certain that players will continue to find more and more ways to get around over the next few years, too - those speedrun titles aren't gonna win themselves!

Will you be trying this the next time you load up the game? Have you ever stumbled across any of your own weird game tricks? Let us know in the comments below.

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