We love to see a good speedrun attempt here at Nintendo Life, probably because we know that we'll never manage anything close and watching other people is as good as it will get for us. This latest attempt, which just so happens to be the second fastest time ever recorded for the game, is a particularly impressive effort.

The video above shows the moment that RasenUrns completed The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in exactly 38 minutes and 36 seconds - an amazing accomplishment. We were apprehensive about taking on Ganon with a full set of hearts, so seeing him be torn apart with only the standard three really is something to behold.

Our favourite moment, however, comes at the 17:55 mark in the video. At this point, the player chops down a tree, uses Stasis on it to freeze it in place, gives it an almighty wallop with an axe, and then fires an arrow into it as a platform to stand on before flying through the air like a tree-wielding wizard. It's fantastic stuff, and it covers a lot of ground extremely quickly.

As it turns out, the world record holder, who goes by the name of Wolhaiksong, has managed it in 38 minutes and 33 seconds - just three seconds quicker than the video we can see above. Interestingly, both attempts were made on the Wii U version of the game.

Can you pull off anything like this? Or are you happier just exploring your favourite games at a normal pace? 

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