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While Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee! reportedly offers plenty of challenging post-game content for veterans of the series, it's primarily being marketed as an entry-level Pokémon game - with an emphasis on providing a relaxing experience. This applies to the gameplay as well as the audio and visual design.

Speaking to IGN, Director Junichi Masuda reiterated how making the game as inviting as possible was a major focus throughout development. The team at Game Freak went as far as removing "aggressive" styles of music, to create a more pleasant experience:

We really wanted to, at least for this first game, make the visuals as well as the audio just feel kind and inviting, not intimidating at all. So even for the music side, we've used more aggressive rock or techno styles in the previous games. We purposefully avoided those in this game just to make it really a warm and inviting experience.

The Lead Game Designer Kensaku Nabana elaborated on this, explaining how the team had experimented with photorealistic visuals before Masuda encouraged the team to go with friendlier aesthetics:

Usually, when you would have much more power with the Switch and taking it into HD, I think the natural tendency is to go for a more photorealistic approach. In the earliest days of development, we actually explored that direction quite a bit.

But we got the direction from go for this more kind and soothing and inviting experience with the visuals. After some experimentation, we just realized the more realistic, more photorealistic direction just wasn't really working for what we were trying to do.

How do you feel about these welcoming design choices? Do you like the look of the new games? Would you prefer a soundtrack that's similar to previous entries? Tell us below.